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Marketing and Private Treaty Sales

     To reach your private treaty buyer prospects it is wise to employ a wide variety of media in your marketing and sales efforts. In the United States, the most popular media, as measured by  the amount of ad spending, are television, newspapers, direct mail, radio, Yellow Pages, magazines, the Internet, outdoor advertising, and a variety of other media, including transit  ads, novelties, and point-of-purchase displays. These rankings are measured annually by an advertising trade magazine, and seldom vary, although Internet advertising continues to grow significantly. In the first half of 2005, ad spending on the Internet increased 26 percent, far greater than the 4.5 percent growth for the entire advertising market.

      Direct mail is relatively inexpensive per contact and is the third largest advertising medium, attracting about 20 percent of all U.S. advertising dollars so it behooves you to develop and maintain an all inclusive mailing list of your buyer prospects. Direct mail advertising, as the name implies, is advertising that is sent directly to people by mail, usually through the postal system. Increasingly, however, electronic mail is being used as a direct mail device. Direct mail can be as simple as a single letter or as involved as a catalog or an elaborate e-mail known mail that offers graphics and links to more information.

     From the breeder's point of view, the key to a successful direct mail program is the mailing list. The mailing list contains the names and addresses of people who share certain common characteristics that suggest they will be likely to buy from you. Because you are speaking directly to those who are most likely to buy from you, it may be that you find direct mail to be the most effective of all advertising for generating immediate results.



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