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Feed and Nutrition

  • The Facts About Corn
    The Facts about Corn. In the United States, corn production measures more than double that of any other grain crop in the states. Researchers have discovered many uses for corn such as vitamins and amino acids.
  • Corn versus Hay
    Corn or Hay in the Winter? Hay can cost roughly 50 to 100 percent more than corn grain per unit of energy its produces in the cattle. Given this, it would seem obvious that anyone in the beef industry, where energy is crucial to good products, would turn to corn as a means to winter feed their cattle.
  • Good Nutrition Crucial For Success
    Good Nutrition Crucial For Success. Nutrition is crucial to a cow or heifer’s production cycle, and can be the difference between success and failure of you operations if a proper and well-crafted nutritional program is implemented.
  • Hay Versus Ground Feed
    Hay versus Ground Feed. If you want to produce good beef and generate a generous profit, usually good legume hay will do the trick. It is estimated that a rancher will use a half ton or more of hay to fatten up the cattle. You want to get the best types of hay there is to offer.
  • Nutrition Basics
    Basic Nutrition a must for cattle. Proper nutrition isn’t just for humans, cattle, like all animals, must have a healthy and nutritional diet if they are too flourish and produce the quality products and profitable operations you are looking for.
  • Salt - The Cattleman's Friend
    Salt, The Rancher’s Tool. Thankfully, cattle have shown that they can regulate their intake of salt, and, for the rancher, salt can be a valuable management tool once you understand its effects on the cattle and how to control intake.
  • Water
    Obviously, water equals life, but for cattle ranchers, its also means profit. Water is an essential nutrient for all animals, and to ensure your operation is profitable a good and nutritional supply of water is essential for a healthy herd.

Corn Facts 

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